CFC 65 3 (Eng)


Read our full statement for this folio’s theme here:


Submission guidelines are as follows:



All artists and authors must submit a .DOCX file with the following information:

  • Name
  • Year and Course / Course and Year Graduated / Department / Office
  • Contact Number
  • Bio-note


Submit your works to:

  • (English)
  • (Filipino)
  • (Art)



For every Call for Contributions, only a maximum of ten (10) works from different genres will be accepted per contributor. For every work, two (2) copies must be submitted: one in .DOCX format and one in .PDF format.



For every Call for Contributions, only a maximum of ten (10) works and a maximum of two (2) series will be accepted per contributor. Indicate whether submissions are individual works or part of a series in the file name. Submissions must have a resolution of 300 dpi.

  • All works must be attached as an image file.
  • Files with .JPEG / .PNG / .IMG extensions will be accepted.
  • Reel or screenshots for .GIF files will be accepted.
  • Photoshop and Illustrator files will not be accepted.
  • Please be reminded that the publication may choose to accept series in parts only.

For every work, indicate TITLE, MEDIUM, and DIMENSION on the file name.


Notes on Procedure:

Artists are encouraged to send a 250-word written accompaniment to their work, which may be used for the deliberation process. This text may include the artist’s creative process, concepts and frameworks used, and the like. This will not be published in the folio. Notes on procedure must be attached as a .DOCX file.