The Heights Editorial Board of AY 2017-2018, appointed last May 2017, is comprised of eighteen editors driven by a common vision of cultivating art and literature in the Ateneo. The editorial board guides the publication in the production of their folios and organization of events and other external efforts. Moreover, they oversee the development and growth of their members through the guiding principle of achieving literary and artistic excellence.

The Executive Editors 

Executive Editors

The editorial board is led by six executive editors, with Editor-In-Chief Bee Leung at the forefront. Associate Editor Yuri Tan assists her in the fulfilment of the year’s thrust while serving as the director for both the Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop and the Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop. The two are joined in the executive board by three managing editors: Alex Tuico for Finance; Neil Vildad for External Affairs, who handles the publication’s public relations and external collaborations; and Marco Torrijos for Internal Affairs, who facilitates the organization’s member management and development. This year, the five executive editors are joined by the Editor-at-Large, Chaela Tiglao, who is in charge of the anniversary celebrations for Heights’ 65th year.

The Staff Editors

Of the twelve staff editors, six are for deliberating staffs, and six are for organizational staffs.

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The deliberating editors are led by Associate Editor Yuri Tan. They facilitate the fair and critical discussion of the works received by Heights for publication in the folios and special publications. The editors also facilitate the development of their staffers’ skills through workshops and training programs. This year, the Art Staff is led by Celline Mercado and Jayvee Del Rosario. The English Staff Editors are Sophia Bonoan and Cat Aquino. And Martina Herras and Oey Mirabueno lead the Filipino Staff.

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Led by Managing Editor for External Affairs Neil Vildad, the organizational editors oversee the production of events, the creation of promotional materials, the design and layout of the publications of Heights, the management of social media, and the production of online material for the Heights website. The Design Staff Editors are Dianne Aguas and Ninna Lebrilla. Heights Online is led by Coco Garcia and Kristoff Sison. Lastly, the Production Managers are Ponch Castor and Luigi Reyes.

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Together, these editors work together to reach greater feats for Heights both as a publication and organization. Their thrust, which seeks to make the Ateneo community all the more engaged with art and literature in and beyond the Ateneo, hopes to recover the roles of art and literature in our social realities. They are both honored and humbled to be in this position of service.

Photos taken by Arielle Gocela

Art Direction by Celline Mercado