On November 21 and 22, Heights held the 6th Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop (AHAW), an annual event organized by Heights for 10 young student-artists from the Ateneo de Manila University. The two-day workshop was held at the Boso Boso Highlands Resort.

AHAW 6 presented a restructured program, which retained the panel critique session of each fellow’s portfolio. In addition to the traditional program, there was also an individual mentoring session and exhibit pitch.



FROM LEFT: Ianthe Pimentel, Sophia Demanawa, Joan Lao, Mikaela San Diego, Richard Mercado, Arantxa Orig, Robyn Saquin, Jill Arteche, Meg Villena, and Corn Golez.


Eight of the selected fellows used digital painting as their primary style. One of the fellows used ink and mixed media, while another used digital manipulation. The fellows were: Jill Arteche, Sophia Demanawa, Corn Golez, Joan Lao, Richard Mercado, Arantxa Orig, Ianthe Pimentel, Mikaela San Diego, Robyn Saquin, and Meg Villena.



FROM LEFT: Aldy Aguirre, Claro Ramirez Jr., Red Ognita, Alfred Marasigan, Tokwa Peñaflorida, IC Jaucian, Meneer Marcelo, and Ian Victoriano.


Nine panelists, including practicing artists, curators, and critics, were also invited to act as the mentors of the ten fellows. The panelists for AHAW 6 were Claro Ramirez Jr., Red Ognita, Gary Devilles, Aldy Aguirre, Ian Victoriano, Meneer Marcelo, Alfred Marasigan, and Tokwa Peñaflorida.

AHAW culminates in a week-long exhibit featuring works from the ten fellows. This exhibit will be held on February 13, 2016.

For the full photo coverage of the event click: http://bit.ly/AHAW6PhotoCoverage