Articulate: A Space to Create was a three-day art-making project by Heights and Ateneo PEERS held last January 28 to 30, 2015. The booth was located at the Social Sciences Foyer.

The activity, which allowed students to create art with the materials provided, borrowed its concept from art therapy which, at its basic level, uses art to explore one’s emotions, manage addictions, create self-awareness, etc. This was done to provide the Ateneo community with an avenue to express their ideas. Prompts following the day’s theme were also given every hour on social media and at the venue as optional guides for the students whose works were displayed on the panel boards at the venue.

“We, Heights and Ateneo PEERS, believe that there are no bad ideas in art, but these ideas should be presented in their best possible form,” Heights wrote in its primer for the event. It was later cautious, however, of ideas that could hurt others in the process. “Articulate provides a space for Ateneans to write and make art without prejudgement, allowing ideas to have their first form. We aim to create an awareness of ideas that will form an appreciation for art and literature.”

The themes per day were as follows: thematic apperception or ekphrastic prompts, which emphasized art that is derived from various sources such as personal experiences; collaboration or art with others, which encouraged the creation of art and literature through interaction; and reactionary output or art for a societal matter, which was geared toward awareness of social issues.

Some of the prompts included creating short fiction from the perspective of your alter ego, writing a renga with two other people, and making a piece that explores gender issues.

Ateneo PEERS is part of the Health and Environment Cluster (HEC) of organizations of the Ateneo de Manila University. Their main goal is to aid students in their emotional and psychological needs both in and outside of the Loyola Schools.