Endless Hours At Sea (9)


Last July 30, 2014, the Ateneo Art Gallery opened Endless Hours at Sea, a multimedia exhibit by Dutch-Filipina artist Martha Atienza.  The show is expected to end its run on September 30, 2014.


Atienza was born into a family of seafarers and is thus drawn to water.  Atienza won the Ateneo Arts Award back in 2012 for My Navel is Buried in the Sea (Gilubong ang Akon Pusod sa Dagat), which documented her journeys of being at sea from various boats and water vessels in the Netherlands, South China Sea, and the Philippines.


The award enabled her to receive all of the four Ateneo Art Gallery residency grants, which Atienza used to travel from Felixstowe and Liverpool (United Kingdom) to Belfast (Ireland), reaching the ports of Melbourne (Australia), Singapore, and New Orleans (United States) and all the way to Kaliningrad (Russia) and Köping (Sweden).


The result is Atienza’s Endless Hours at Sea. Atienza’s installations depict the sea’s image, sound, and motion by using different mediums such as refracted and reflected light on water, video projections, and recorded sounds while inside the ship.


“The nuanced progression and smooth transitions between these three installations quietly distills Atienza’s extraordinary journeys through the sea, her stories of history and place,” Lisa Ito writes of the exhibit.  “Here, the use of water and light as surface and sound as simulated environment becomes not just a substitute for reality but an actual presence and physical experience in itself.”